Saturday, April 26, 2014

All in a Year's Time

Wow, it has really been a year since we last blogged! Sad.  Well, let's get caught up and we will do our best to keep you more updated.  

This is the last year for us in a nut shell:

- Brittany lost her job in the beginning of May
- The next day we found out that our landlords sold our place and we had to be out within 3 weeks
- We almost bought a house at that time but then we felt like the Lord had something else planned for us
- We put most of our belongings in a storage unit and moved into the basement of our friend's house (we couldn't be more grateful for their kindness and hospitality)
- What we thought would be two weeks of basement living actually turned into about 2 months and we ended up staying in several different peoples' homes.  Yep, we were squatters. 
- Justin searched all summer long for jobs anywhere and everywhere.  
- Eventually Justin received an offer for a position at Air Methods in Denver, and we accepted the offer
- We moved to Aurora in the middle of August and lived in Brittany's parent's basement
- Brittany got a job working in an orthodontic office with her mom
- We found a great deal on a little two bedroom apartment and moved in the beginning of October
- We found out that we are very fortunate to have infertility coverage through our health insurance plan
- One of the best Infertility clinics is here in Denver and is only 15 minutes away from our house
- We had our consultation in October and started all of the preliminary testing to find and verify any of the problems we were having - hypothyroidism, PCOS, and extremely low progesterone
- Brittany got pneumonia at Thanksgiving - booooo
- Christmas in Colorado was wonderful - all of the Ruckers were here!
- They found some undefinable dark areas in a couple of the x-rays and scans during Brittany's testing
- Brittany had to have surgery in February to diagnose those dark areas which ended up being A LOT of scar tissue that was pulling her ovaries out of position - they removed the scar tissue and everything is all put back where it belongs :)
- After the surgery healing was all done they found a GIANT cyst on Brittany's right ovary - that postponed the IUI treatment we thought we were going to get to start - that was a really rough day
- Three weeks later the cyst was still there but had gone down from 55mm to 18mm - still can't do the IUI - lame sauce
- Today we went back for another cyst check - still there - BUT, it is now down to 11mm and is small enough that they will allow us to try an IUI treatment!

It has been a really long roller coaster of a year for us.  We have certainly been blessed and strengthened though.  We know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and that He has guided us to where we are now.  We are very excited and hopeful for what may come in the following year.  
But I won't wait that long again to let you know what's happening! 

And here are some photos from the last year also! Sorry, they are all phone pics so they aren't the greatest quality!

Justin's company had a company "BBQ" at Coors Field - this is us in the Rockies Dugout!

Justin got to take a helicopter ride for fun at work.  This is his view of the Broncos Stadium! 

Us at an Avalanche hockey game

Zoo lights at Christmas time! 

Nuggets game with the whole family at Christmas!

On our New Years Eve date!

In our Broncos gear for the Super Bowl

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